A homemade barbecue sauce makes this shredded chicken flavorful and juicy. The dish is made with half boneless chicken breasts, half boneless thighs. More »

Boneless chicken thighs make delicious barbecue, and they have less than half the fat and fewer calories compared to pork shoulder. This recipe includes a homemade barbecue sauce. More »

This is a unique appetizer, using slow cooker barbecued chicken mounded atop small cornbread rounds. Add some coleslaw or pieces of dill pickle to each appetizer. More »

This is a simple chicken barbecue for the slow cooker, made with boneless chicken breasts and our favorite barbecue sauce. Serve this tasty chicken shredded, on toasted buns with coleslaw, and pass the barbecue sauce! More » Top 40 Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes