Adam Baldwin proposes moving Election Day to more impassioned time of year

Tomorrow is “Tax Day”. Today should be Election Day. Let us make it so… — Adam Baldwin (@AdamBaldwin) April 14, 2014 National elections in the U.S. are almost as far away from Tax Day as possible, and actor Adam Baldwin thinks they should be more proximate to one another. Baldwin’s idea won some support: “@AdamBaldwin: […]

What’s new in personal cloud storage?

Dropbox rival Space Monkey puts 'cloud' in your house ( #trending #active #guru — Hacker News 20 (@newsyc20) March 8, 2012 From CNET: I keep writing off online consumer storage as a business (see CX: Good sync product, doomed market), but there’s still life left in the model. One of the most interesting new […]

Bam! Conservatives bust Gov. Christie for rewriting history on Sandy relief!/jdonels/status/329273416425275394 Earlier this year, Chris Christie tore into congressional Republicans for scrapping a pork-laden Hurricane Sandy relief bill. Now, it’s like déja vu all over again. The New Jersey governor is back to his old routine, blaming the House GOP for making life difficult for Sandy survivors: Every day we waited for Congress to approve […]

Fort Hood ‘workplace violence’ survivors plea for terrorism designation

TERRORISM….What really happened at Fort Hood. This 14 minute video is a must see. He said, "Allah — Robert Campbell sr. (@zeitgeist2o12) October 20, 2012 A 15-minute video posted to YouTube this week by “FortHoodHeroes” has revived the call for the Nov. 2009 massacre which killed 13 to be reclassified as an act as […]